Spring Brake
Differences between a 110500, 110700 and 110800 Valves

Each of these valves perform the same basic functions of filling the reservoir and spring brake chambers (for brake release). The difference comes in how they fill each.

When the supply line is first charged the 110500 channels air to the spring brake chambers. This allows for quick release of the spring brakes to get the vehicle moving quickly. It is called "Spring Brake Priority". The reservoir system is filled after the spring brakes are released.

When supply line pressure is charged and the reservoir has adequate pressure the 100700 will use reservoir air to release the spring brakes. This provides for the fastest possible release times. Should the reservoir be empty the 110700 simultaneously fills the spring brakes and the reservoir. This is called "Service Brake Priority".

The 110800 incorporates the same fast fill feature (using reservoir air to fill the spring brakes) as the 110700. It acts as does the 110500 (Spring Brake Priority) when the reservoir is empty.

Spring Brake Technical