Over the last 73 years, Sealco evolved from a small screw machine shop to become the primary supplier of air brake valve products to the commercial trailer market in North America.
As the industry leader, Sealco's valves are used as the production standard at over eighty-five percent of the approximately six hundred twenty-five trailer OEMs in North America. We export to thirty-four countries around the world. There are literally millions of trailers on the road today utilizing Sealco air brake or suspension valves.

All Sealco products are 100% designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States of America. Sealco is the only company in North America authorized to buy direct, resell and technically service Meritor WABCO Anti-Lock and Roll Stability brake systems to trailer OEMs. This relationship has enhanced both companies' market positions and assisted in making Meritor WABCO the undisputed leader in the commercial ABS business.

In 2001, Sealco introduced a new product line of electrical wiring harnesses for commercial trailers and related vehicles. This venture has expanded our exposure past our traditional heavy-duty air braked trailer market to include lighter electrically braked trailers and other non-trailer products. These quality molded electrical harnesses are custom designed and manufactured to the trailer OEMs specifications and applications.

Sealco is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with a regional warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have strategically located Regional Managers throughout North America as well as representatives and distributors in most areas of the world. Please go to our Contact section for more detailed information.
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