Emergency Brake Pressure Protection Valve

  • Commonly used to comply with 70 psi supply line retention rule on converter dollies, turnable axles & air lift axles with service brake chambers
  • Used in conjunction with 110338 Relay Emergency Valve or 110376 Emergency Control which allows full reservoir pressure to be applied to Relay Valves to apply parking brakes
  • Back flow feature of valve allows for use with pintle chamber to comply with Canadian National Safety Code
  • Valve should be installed with vent hole facing downward
  • Heavy duty metal construction with rubber to metal bonded moveable seat for durability
  • Does not replace traditional Pressure Protection Valves such as 140XXX series
  • Complies with all regulations of FMVSS 121 & CMVSS 121
  • Dimensions: Height 2.31” – Width 1.18” – Depth 2.25” -Approximate Weight: .50 lbs. (See Weight Chart)
  • Air Piping Diagrams – See Technical / Air Piping Diagrams, multiple diagrams are applicable