Directional Control Valve –
3 Port / 2 Position Valve W/ 30mm-Solenoid
With & Without Air-Piloted Feature
(Normally Open & Normally Closed Versions)

  • Commonly used to operate, gates, cylinders, locking actuators & other air operated devices
  • 12 VDC solenoid only and air-piloted feature with override switch, connected with heavy duty bayonet connector with two conductor 14 gauge 18” cable for severe duty applications.  (24VDC solenoid-based valves can be furnished upon request.)
  • Includes exhaust cap in Port 1 (110524) to prevent contamination which may be moved to other ports depending upon application.
  • Corrosion resistant plated body with clear anodized internal spool
  • Two-hole body mount
  • Specially engineered O-rings designed to function in extreme cold temperatures to -40C
  • Fast flow rate valve with enlarged oval shaped internal openings for air flow exceeding 89 SCFM
  • Designed specifically for heavy duty transportation industry.
  • Dimensions: Height 2.25” – Width 1.25” – Length 6.07” – Approximate Weight: 1.13 lbs.
  • Air Piping Diagrams – See Technical / Air Piping Diagrams, multiple diagrams are applicable.