Control Line Valves – Dollies & Turnable Axles


  • Primarily used on dollies & turnable axles on full & transfer trailers & on multi-axle semi-trailers with lift/steer axles
  • The delivery port labeled Dolly Port of this Control Line Valve is plumbed to the Relay Emergency Valve, Relay Valve or ABS ECU to control the service brakes
  • Provides a balanced control line signal for uniform braking of multi-axle combination vehicles.
  • Prevents premature braking of the turnable axle(s) in combination vehicles for maximum lateral stability while stopping.
  • Improves the release of service brakes in the tractor/trailer combination eliminating trailer brake drag complaints.
  • Complies with all regulations of FMVSS 121 & CMVSS 121
  • Dimensions: Height 5.88” – Width 4.00” – Depth 3.84” – Approximate Weight: 3.46 lbs.
  • Mounting Hardware – See Air Valves & Related Products / Mounting Hardware
  • Air Piping Diagrams – See Technical / Air Piping Diagrams, multiple diagrams are applicable.