Automatic Pilot Valve – Adjustable

  • Commonly used for the operation of lift axle systems in conjunction with a 110587 Air Pilot Valve & 110591 Lift Axle Control Valve or a 523060 Air Piloted 5/2 Valve
  • This application works well with any trailer that fully exhausts its air ride bags when unloading
  • When Supply pressure reaches approximately 50 psi, the valve will open & deliver Supply pressure to the Delivery port
  • The external adjustment allows for a varying opening pressure from 50 psi to 80 psi
  • When the Delivery pressure is lost, the valve will hold approximately 15 psi less than the opening pressure in the Supply port
  • Dimensions: Height 2.31” – Width 1.88” – Length 4.42” – Approximate Weight: 1.22 lbs.
  • Air Piping Diagrams – See Technical / Air Piping Diagrams, multiple diagrams are applicable