Spring Brake

Converting Systems With SR-5 To 110800
The 110800 is a direct replacement for the Bendix SR-5. The internal tank filling
passage eliminates the need for the external feed line that is required on the SR-5.
The 110700 and the 110500 can also be used in place of the SR-5. However they have slightly different feature sets. See the Technical page on Spring Brake Differences for more information.
  Conversion Instructions
1. Detach lines and remove Bendix SR-5 valve from reservoir
2. Connect Sealco 110800 to reservoir using nipple.
3. Connect supply line (red) to supply port of 110800
4. Connect control line (blue) to control port of 110800
5. Connect deliver hoses to delivery ports of 110800
6. Remove line (A) and plug reservoir port.

  Parts Required
Sealco 110800 Spring Brake Control Valve
Sealco 6002 (1/2 tank port) or 6003 (3/4" tank port)
Pipe plug for tank end port
Control and Supply line fittings

System With SR-5 Installed

System With 110800 Installed

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