Sealco offers custom designed fully molded truck and trailer harnesses.

Our sealed systems install quickly and easily. No need for cumbersome and leak prone junction boxes or splice connectors.

Separable pieces are joined with molded connectors that plug together for a nice tight seal. Our unique bayonet style main cable to rear sill retainer insures a quick positive joining in this high stress area.
Internal system grounds are standard for longer life. Molded anti-lock brake power outlets and warning lamp lead are provided where needed

Systems can be made for LED lights, incandescent lights, self grounding fixtures or combinations. We have molds for most of the industry standard connectors and a large wire and cable stock to fit your needs.

Complete or partial trailer and truck harness designs. Specialty systems can be integrated to match your existing form or harness.

The main cable connector used on newer Sealco harness was changed. The new connector will not link to the old one. Interface parts are available to make this connection.
Interface Cables