Load Sensing
Load Sensing Axle System (LSAS)
This LSAS system is designed to automatically drop one or more lift axles on a trailer when a load is sensed. This prevents overloading of the trailer's static (down) axles if the operator neglects to drop the lifted axles. The system monitors the load by sensing the pressure in the air suspension.
138000 138010
Prevents Overload Damage When Lifted Axles Are Not Dropped.
Deployment Trigger Pressure Range From 25 to 75 PSI.
Push Pull Style Actuator With Round Black Plastic Knob
Does Not Require An Enclosure
Excellent Low Temperature Operation

Part Number Ports
138000 1/4"  
138010 1/4 Exhaust Breather And 3/8" Tube Fittings Installed
New Simple Setting Adjuster Cap
Small Size Fits Into Tight Mounting Locations
Body Includes Provision For Status Lamp Switch Indicating Axle Position (Up/Down)
Plug In Harness Accessories Designed To Couple Direct To Body Switch And ABS Power Cable With Weather Pack Connector.
Body Includes Two Through Holes For Mounting.
Includes Two Axle Warning Labels, Anti-Tamper Seal And A Operation Label
Raised Axles Can Be Manually Lowered At Any Time
Lowered Axles Can Be Manually Raised When No Load Is Sensed
These Parts Are Included With The 138000/138100
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