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Duplex Test Gauge

  110384 Duplex Test Gauge

The gauge dial body is 3.5 inches. Each color coded hose is 35 feet long to reach allow use on very long trailers. A diagnostic manual is included.
The duplex gauge is really two separate gauges in one housing. Each color coded hose connects to an indicator needle to show air pressure. The indicators use a common dial to allow to easy to reading and comparison.

This durable field instrument can be used to check input and output air pressures at various points through out the air system. This can identify air line restrictions, air system imbalances, insufficient air supply pressures, tapped air or leaks.

Checking two separate points in an air brake system against each other will indicate both the amounts of pressure delivered to the test points and their relative time of arrival. This makes the Duplex Test Gauge an invaluable air system troubleshooting device.

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